Biodata: In accordance with the strategy of West Alborz steel Group to complete the manufacture of steel products, the Zaker Iron Ore mine situated in Zanjan province of Iran was purchased by the group in the year 1394.

The AzarSang Rastegar company, subset of the West Alborz Steel Group has acquired the operation license of Zaker Iron mine, with the capacity of extraction of 15,000mT of Iron Ore in a year.

Activity Description:  exploration and extraction of Iron Ore.

Product:  Granulated Magnetite Iran Ore

Location of the Iron Ore: Zanjan Province, 18th km of Zanjan-Tarem Highway.

Production Process:  Post extraction, lumps of Iron Ores are transferred to processing unit situated in the mine. After crushing and separating the iron ores physically using the drum magnet, the iron ores are then granulated and meshed (0-10mm) and become ready to be supplied.