As per known international standards / Other compositions at options
Steel Grades Structural Steels: St37-2, St44-2, St50-2, etc.
Plain Carbon Steels: Ck22, Ck25, Ck35, Ck45, Ck50, Ck55, Ck60, etc.
Low Alloy Steels (Bearing Steels, Spring Steels, etc): 55Cr3, 70Cr2, 100Cr6, etc.
BILLET Sections
125 x 125 130 x 130 150 x 150
160 x 160 180 x 180 200 x 200
Length up tp 12 meters
Allowable Variation
on sizes
Thinkness: ± 3mm
Rhomboidity: Max 4%
Camber: Max 1% per total length
Cut Angle tolerance: ± 8mm
Length: ± 5mm
Radius of corner: Max 5 mm
Twist: Not more than 3 degrees per 1 meter
Internal and Surface Quality Free of visible pinhole and blowhole on cross section of all cut billets.
Free of surface defects such as slag inclusions, cracks, gropves, etc.
Max depth of oscillation marks 0.5 mm.
Test Certificate Test Certificates are issued from our central testing Lab, in accordance with product specification as required by the customes
Identification Color code/number is to be stamped/hand witten at the end of billets