● Spectrometry Laboratory
Equipped with two three latest computer controlled Optical Emission Spectrometer for instant and accurate chemical analysis of the different grades of carbon and low alloy steels, Cr steels, Ni-Cr steels, tool steels, different grades of gray cast irons, Ni-hard, Ni-resist, and heat resistant alloys. These spectrometers are capable of analysis of 33 elements including oxygen and nitrogen.
Samples are taken out of the production line on periodic basis to ensure that billets and steel products produced are of best quality.
● Metallography Laboratory
Equipped with the metallography materials and equipment like grinding, polishing and etching and an inverted type optical microscope to investigate microstructure of the steel samples and image analysis software to measure the grain size and assess the size and distribution of the microstructural features and non-metallic inclusions.
● Mechanical testing facilities
Equipped with a universal testing machine that provides tensile properties of the samples taken from steel products such as Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Elongation and a Bend machine. The products that pass all the quality checks are supplied to customers with a MILL TEST CERTIFICATE stating the mechanical properties and chemical combination.