Quality Policy

To provide products of a quality that meet the initial and continuing needs and expectations of the customers, WAS is committed to continuous improvement of the processes effectiveness within the Integrated Management System, participation of employee at all stages and ensuring reliability by maintaining the required systems and processes involved.

Actions taken directly for this key principle:

1.1. To manufacture and offer to our customers our products at all times with a higher quality and at a lower cost than the products of our local and foreign competitors,

1.2. Whatever we do, to do the right thing at the first time, thanks to good quality management,

1.3. To become better and better in tandem with the Continuous Improvement approach.

Actions taken to support these principles;

2.1. To support the individual development of our employees and train them so as to be an integral part of the whole system,

2.2. As for improvements in quality and cost, to get opinions and advices of our employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, thereby ensuring that they feel themselves as an indispensable part of and as a contributor of the system in general,

2.3. To make our weight felt with our environmental awareness in the course of creation of our products.