Induction Furnaces

In the meltshop, Sponge Iron and Scrap will be charges in 6 Furnaces and molten metal is produced according to Billet / Bloom required Standard.

Ladle Refining Furnace

In pursuance to produce high quality steel grades such as spring steels, bearing steels and other value added special low alloy grades, a ladle refining furnace (LRF) equipped with continuous inert gas purging facilities has been installed to get completely homogenized, degassed and desulfurized steels.

Continuous Casting Machine

The casting plant is equipped with two continuous casting machines with the following features and total capacity of 500.000 tons billets per year.

The casting plant equipped with a 6/11 meter radius curved type CMM of three strands with the latest automated features, equipped with Al wire feeding system.

The size of billet is:

100*100 mm2, 125*125 mm2, 130*130 mm2, 140*140 mm2, 150*150 mm2, 160*160 mm2, and 180*180 mm2 and 200*200 mm2.

Billets are cut to the length 6~12 m by automated gas torches and transferred to cooling bed for QC operation.